Sunday, July 25, 2010

Honour Thyself

I've recently made a trip to Singapore and stayed in Bras Basah area. I visited the Bras Basah Complex, which is quite famous for their used books. So I went over to check Book Point, this wondeful used book shop with the most extensive collection from textbooks to fiction work. I of course looked for my favorite authors, like Cecelia Ahern and Nicholas Sparks but nothing caught my eye. I did went to the Danielle Steel section and spotted this, Honour Thyself. I know it's pretty recently published compared to her previous works on display at the shop. For $7.50 I'd say it's well spent.
Honour Thyself tells the story of Carole Berger, a well known Hollywood actress. It starts when Carole is trying to write a book and went to Paris to search for inspiration, alone. But she received a terrible misfortune, there is a terrorist attack which caused her to be rushed to the hospital. She is severe injured and is declared Jane Doe for two full weeks. Even though she is a famous movie star, the injuries made it difficult for her to be identified. Plus she is alone in Paris. Friends and families began to question her condition. Will she survive and relive her glory days?
It has a classic Steel formula, a very simple story told in a very descriptive matter, equals a heartwarming family story. A light novel perfect for a summer read.

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  1. i've never read any of danielle steel before.. i've thought danielle steel is all about romance and love, but now i know i was wrong.. ;)

    thanks for your review,,