Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Castle in the Sky (Laputa)

Castle in the Sky
Dir: Hayao Miyazaki

The movie started with a girl named Sheeta, who is being abducted by Colonel Muska aboard an airship. Suddenly a group of pirate led by an old lady named Dola hijacked the aircraft, looking for Sheeta. In her attempt to escape, Sheeta fell down, along with a small blue stone necklace. Pazu, a young boy miner saw Sheeta falling from the sky and witnessed her float slowly down, with the blue shining light from the stone surrounding her. Pazu decided to take care of Sheeta.
When Sheeta wakes up, she questions a drawing on Pazu's house wall. He told her that there is a legend of a floating castle called Laputa. Pazu believed such place still exist, because his father had taken a picture of the floating island, tucked in a massive swirling storm. He is determined to prove to everyone that Laputa really exists.
But, it isn't only Pazu's wish, it's Colonel Muska and Dola's wishes too. From them we know that Sheeta's blue stone came from Laputa. The blue stone owns a incredible power unimaginable, catastrophic if fallen to the wrong people.
At first, I didn't even know it is Studio Ghibli's but these animations have that significant style, only Studio Ghibli has. Their stories always seems magical but with very humane problems such as Castle in the Sky. It clearly shows human greed of power, that human can do anything to get what they want.
Oh, and it's okay to be confused at the first scenes, trust me I was too, but eventually, when the story unfold, it'll fall into place. I rarely find an animation, thrilling like this. A lot of chasing scenes, battle scenes and adventure. A true cinematic entertainment :D

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